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Tactical Nutrition

Now that we have discussed two major categories of nutrition, macro nutrients and micro nutrients, you might be lost as to how one can get enough in their diet without spending a lot of money on expensive health food, health supplements, and organic food which is supposedly a lot healthier than non-organic. Perhaps the idea of taking multiple health supplements turns you off completely; trust me, I get this. If you are a person like I just described, then there is plenty good news for you in this post.  After many years of taking supplements and shelling out cash for expensive protein powders, I have developed a plan to get these vital nutrients from regular food. Out of your three macro nutrients, protein is arguably the most difficult to come by at a reasonable price. Specific amino acids, the building blocks of protein, can be beneficial in higher quantities. Knowing which foods contain those amino acids in large quantities can make a big difference in your recovery. Simply by eatin