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Recovery Time and How to Shorten it

     After long workouts multiple days out of the week, your body will start to become fatigued. Ensuring you do not become faully fatigued, or otherwise injured while in this state, is an important consideration in light of the time you will have to spend away from attaining your physical goals. Whether your recovery time is weeks or days, understanding how to distance yourself from fatigue will result in more and better workouts, an objective factor for success in any goal.       Muscle fibers can and will recover properly, given they receive a good combination and rest and nutrient intake. Chief among these nutrients, protein, the building blocks of muscle. Comprised of many amino acids, the intake of protein after an intensive workout will undoubtedly lead to faster, more complete recovery. Whether you drink a protein shake or eat a protein-rich meal immediately after your workout will put your muscles into recovery mode, so be prepared to take rest and let your muscles proceed to

What Is Internal Martial Arts?

     Happy 2022, readers. Don't let 2022 become "2020 2: The Sequel," keep your health optimal to give your immune system a fighting chance against the new variants of Covid-19, which will soon become something like a seasonal flu should the less-severe symptoms and lower hospitalization rates that came from Omicron become a trend for future strains of the virus.      That's all you'll hear from me about Covid, I think we're through the worst of it and life can go back to normal. For the martially-motivated among us, let's turn our focus to something decidedly martial since all three of my prvious postings have been on nutrition. Most people visiting are likely hearing the term "Internal Arts" for the first time ever and are probably wondering what the difference between an internal martial art form and any other martial art form. The difference between internal and external martial art forms is the approach the practitioner uses for power genera