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Hsing-I, What Is It?

Hsing -I , pronounced sheeng-ee, is a branch of martial arts based off of Tai Chi, or Taijichuan, and is thus considered a form of internal martial arts. As a form of internal martial arts, Hsing-I is focused on proper body mechanics above all, yet is not above applying extra power into its strikes. *The Five Elements: Hsing-I's movements are largely linear and best suited to situations where engaging your opponent directly and head-on is the best approach. Hsing-I centers around five basic strikes, called the "five elements," all of which are relatively simple movements meant to be practiced over and over again to quickly build proficiency using those five strikes. Advanced forms combining these elements together do exist, primarily for application purposes, yet the emphasis on the five elements follows the line of reasoning that if there are fewer strikes there also exists many more opportunities to practice them and build your skill in delivering them. The quote, I