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Joints: Your Lifeline to Success

     Taking care of your joints shouldn't be a practice you begin when you have become aged, as popular opinion would have you believe. In this case, proper joint care should begin right now, especially if you are physically active. If you are young, your joints might not feel much pain as you perform physical activity. This is a good thing, yet you should consider the fact that with each torque of your joints, every hour you spend standing at your job, and every heavy object you decide to move, your joints are sustaining damage. You might wake up the next morning with minor discomfort and think nothing of it and for the most part, your day will go unhindered. It is important to keep in mind that with each day that passes, that discomfort will only grow. With every passing year, you will be burdened with an ever-increasing burden upon your body that will lead to greater fatigue at the end of the day, more hours spent in bed dealing with that pain, and soon enough, your exercise con

To Caffienate, Stimulate, or Walk Cold Turkey

     One barrier to a good workout is one of how much activity one can put out in any given day. Even if your diet is full of food that will support your physical recovery and boost your energy levels, some days will seem as if the burden you are placing on yourself increases each day. This feeling can be expressed as a restless feeling when you should normally be calm, brain fog that follows you wherever you go, or sometimes it's a dull pain in an over-trained muscle group. However this strain plays out, you have an exercise plan that can't be broken at any cost. Cue your stimulating beverage of choice, are you a coffee connoisseur? A latte legend? If you spend any time in your local supplement/vitamin store, then you've surely been introduced to pre-workout drinks and powders. If this is you, consider yourself a Spartan standing on the cutting edge of scientific research. Long story short, you need a pickup.      What you will gain from this post is insight into differen