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Protein and Recovery Post-Workout

Protein intake is an important step to a successful health plan, second only to the quality of the workout itself. Without enough protein, your muscles will struggle to return your muscles to a state of optimum performance. The easiest way to ensure your body recovers properly with adequate protein is to buy a bag or other container of protein powder, mix a single serving of it with some water and chug it down. Easy, right? Yes, that was quite easy and will work for most circumstances. Further down the line, you could notice that your normal protein shake isn't quite having the same effect it once did. Adding different ingredients to your protein shake can make that diference you're looking for. This article will delve into some of the more beneficial and popular additions you can include in your all-important post workout shake. Jumping blindly into a list of ingredients to include seems to be a rather structureless way to go about explaining the many options you have for bet