66 Grams of Protein for Less than $5: Budget Recipes for Practical Living

Achieving an optimal 40% protein, 30% carbs, and 30% fat ratio of calories in your diet seems difficult on a budget, with the right know-how and go-to ingredients, eating a healthy and functional diet on a budget is easier than it might seem. Here is a recipe that takes a few simple ingredients and turns them into a budget-friendly dream for proper nutrition, since recovery should be everybody's first priority in any fitness program. This simple recipe packs a walloping 65 grams of protein in a filling recipe that costs less than $5 and uses no cooking oil. 

Here's what you'll need:

*2 frozen hamburger patties
*1 can of beans (I use seasoned garbanzo beans)
*Seasoning (black pepper for me)
*Diced fresh vegetables
*A small measure of water

*Step 1:
Place frozen patties and vegetables in the bottom of your pan. Turn the heat to medium and stir contents around until patties begin to thaw out and steam begins to rise from the pan.

*Step 2:
Place a lid on your pan to trap the heat and steam rising from the pan. Prior to the pan covering, season your meat and vegetables to taste, the heat will release the full falvor of your seasoning.

*Step 3: 
Take a small measure of water and pour it into your pan. re-cover the pan and turn heat to medium-high to begin steaming the pan conents.

*Step 4: 
Once the botom of you patties have browned, flip them over to the other side and stir contents as before, re-covering the pan, and waiting until the other side browns.

*Step 5:
Using a wooden utensil on non-stick surfaces, cut your patties up into chunks and recuce the heat back to medium.

*Step 6:
Pour your can of beans into the pan and stir around until the meat, vegetables, and beans are evenly distributed in the pan. Add additional seasonings to your taste.

*Step 7:
Re-cover your pan and reduce heat to medium-low heat after a hard simmer is achieved in your mixture and allow the ingredients to cook together for 3 minutes.

*Step 8:
Remove the pan lid and allow the steam to escape, therefore thickening the mixture. Place on a plate or in a glass or non-BPA plastic container and continue your day, resting assured that your next meal will be a healthy one.


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